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Beginner’s Guide To Anime

New to anime? Rogue Shogunate has your back! Here is a handcrafted list of shows that will ease you into the anime world. No matter what genres you like there is something on this list for you!


EVO 2019: SoulCalibur DLC

Hey Shognates! EVO was this weekend and there were some great matches in all of the featured games!! For those that don’t know what EVO is, its the biggest fighting game tournament of the year. If you like fighting games…

The Disappointment that was E3/ One Punch Man makes me happy

E3 2019 was bad but One Punch man the game looks cool.

Another Dragon Ball game?!!

DragonBall Kakarot reveal from E32019

‘Are you lost?’ and the technicality of a comedy

My problems I had with the series ‘Are you lost?’ and why I think comedies need to up their games

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The emergence of Mushi-shi

I’ve had the tv-series Mushishi on my towatch-list for a long time, so a week ago I just decided to go for it. In this review I will be discussing what I think makes the show such a good one, and why it still has people thinking about it even more than a decade after it’s release.

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The masterpiece that is Neon Genesis Evangelion

I have finally watched the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. Is it as good as people say that it is? Is it worth being called a classic?

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