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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Rogue Shogunate Anime Podcast: Darling in the FranXX the Dark Horse!

Last week we took a break from our weekly discussions to bring you our picks for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards. There was a ton of good feedback and we are glad that the Shogunate is enjoying the content. This week…

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B: The Beginning Trailer Looks Promising

With the world still going crazy over DEVILMAN crybaby, Netflix seems to have found their footing in the anime realm. The trailer of their newest mystery seinen titled, B: The Beginning, shows that they are here to stay. The series takes…

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Rogue Shogunate Anime Podcast: Crunchyroll Awards Special

Crunchyroll has finally revealed their nominations for the 2018 Anime Awards! Join us as we discuss the year, go over their decisions and give our big winners.

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‘A Silent Voice’ Snubbed with 2018 Oscar Nominations

Art has polarized the masses since the beginning of time but every year their are a few select films that earn praise from the world as a whole.  The annual Academy Awards nominations are always chock full of masterpieces, however,…

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Anime’s Top 5 Villainous Factions

With anime producing insurmountable characters like Goku and Saitama, the next great threat is often waiting in the shadows.  All too often, these antagonists are light work and eliminated just as fast as they arrived. But just when it seems…

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