‘A Silent Voice’ Snubbed with 2018 Oscar Nominations

Art has polarized the masses since the beginning of time but every year their are a few select films that earn praise from the world as a whole.  The annual Academy Awards nominations are always chock full of masterpieces, however, one or two usually fall through the cracks. And with anime Juggernauts like In This Corner of the World and A Silent Voice not getting their spot, this year was no different.


The anime community is accustomed to being overlooked in the Best Animated Feature category.  Change was all but imminent once the Academy revealed their list of choices for the nominees and all four of japans biggest anime films of the year were noted. But when the Official nominations dropped and Boss Baby outclassed films that bested it in public reception, Critic reviews, and production quality , it was clear that anime is still being disrespected and unappreciated. This is a tragedy and we all know that their wont be any response from the Academy but Here’s to next year!


Do you have any ideas on how we can prevent future anime masterpieces from being snubbed? Comment your ideas below!


4 Comments on “‘A Silent Voice’ Snubbed with 2018 Oscar Nominations

  1. I’d have to ask if it even matters given the Academy Awards are always based on the politics of Hollywood at the time rather than the quality of anything.

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