The Disappointment that was E3/ One Punch Man makes me happy

E3 has been over for a few weeks now and I must say that it was a pretty big disappointment. Before the official start date of E3 we were receiving information about new games and Sony, who wasn’t at E3 this year, was doing stuff behind the scenes. Lots and lots of information rolling out got me pretty hype for E3. From the new Pokémon game to CyberPunk aka Keanu Reeves the game, we were treated to some pretty big reveals and E3 was poised to take off strong! But then, nothing happened. I don’t ever recall such a lackluster E3. I was hoping to follow up my previous article with more cool game reveals and news but honestly I got nothing.

At least from E3…..


However, there is a new game coming out that has piqued my interest especially with last weeks episode being so darn good. Can you guess?? That’s right I’m talking about ONE PUNCH MAN the game!!!! Bandai Namco has done it again and here we are with yet another game based on an anime. The official title for the game is One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody knows. Of course, it’s a fighting game (I wouldn’t have it any other way) that stars Saitama but, the battles are 3v3 which means there will be a decent cast of heroes to choose from. It is unclear if the 3v3 battles will be pick a character and 2 support characters or pick your team of 3 and switch at will (Naruto Ninja Storm style or MVC 3 Style) but either way it should be fun. I am particularly excited to play as Mumen Rider so I can smack people around with his bicycle. Check out the trailer below.


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