Rogue Shogunate

Inuyashiki Review


Feeling lost, lonely, and unappreciated by his family, 58-year-old Inuyashiki ishiro’s life is at a standstill. After being informed of his terminal cancer, Inuyashiki heads to the park to clear his mind. On this fateful night, Inuyashiki and a mysterious teenager are caught in an extraterrestrial explosion. Upon waking up, Inuyashiki realizes that his body has become a remarkably powerful mechanical weapon and realizes that he must use his powers to save lives. Read More

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Review


12 of the most lethal warriors with the names and attributes of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals are pitted against each other in the 12th Zodiac Tournament which takes place every 12 years. During this rendition, each of the 12 warriors is asked to swallow one of 12 poisonous gems, which will begin take effect after 12 hours. In this epic battle royale, the winner must retrieve all the 12 gems from the other 11 competitors before the deadline. If they can achieve this great feat, the lone survivor will be granted any one wish of their choosing.  Read More

Erased (Netflix Original) Review


After Netflix flopped with their live action rendition of the Popular Anime “Death Note”, there was only one thought on my mind when I heard that they were at it again. “Hell No!” To my surprise they not only learned from the Light Turner tragedy but even managed to add a little spice to the already seemingly perfect formula of A-1 Studio’s Erased. Read More