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DEVILMAN crybaby Review

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A young Professor named Ryo Asuka returns from studying abroad to inform his childhood companion, Akira Fudo, of an upcoming demonic threat on the world. After informing Akira of his theory that the demons are arriving via an event called the Sabbath, the two head to a nightclub to solidify his hypothesis. On this sinful night, Akira transforms into a creature of legend. Possessing the body of a demon but still retaining his heart, Akira has become Devilman.




DEVILMAN crybaby had a ton of character development, however, the main character Akira had next to none.  The physical changes that he experienced after fusing with the demon, Amon, were apparent but Akira retained his heartfelt ways throughout the rest of the show. A main character that doesn’t have personal growth is normally an instant kill switch in a Shōnen but Ichirō Ōkouchi’s skillful writing showed that developing the supporting cast can be just as important. Although Akira’s friends Mika and Miko played vastly different roles in the beginning of the show, they were effectively fleshed out and their symbolic end was a tear-jerker and my favorite part of the climax. Throughout the rising action, Akira’s childhood friend later revealed as the true antagonist, always felt a tad off. The confusion raised by his obscurity was rewarded by the reveal of his true identity as the fallen angel, Satan. Ten episodes isn’t enough time to properly develop characters but somehow DEVILMAN crybaby made it work.





Anime is looking better than ever now that studios are finally getting the hang of 3-D animation.  In a scene where the juggernauts of late are riding the CGI wave, DEVILMAN crybaby tries to get by using a simple version of the traditional 2-D style. While a few years ago this style would be run of the mill, today it seems lazy and behind the times. Issa no from me dawg.



Overall Score

The Netflix Original, DEVILMAN crybaby is not for the faint of heart. Most of the rising action is filled with Drugs, Sex, and Brutal Murders that seem unnecessary. But when the writer is the same man responsible for writing the All-time great, Code Geass, things obviously come together the end. There were cyphers throughout the episodes that were used to fill in the breaks in the story and the rappers actually, had some fire BARS! Devilman started off right, trailed off in the middle and then brought it home with a strong ending. The show is not something I’d recommend if you are new to anime but experienced viewers should put it on your list if you feel like getting weird.

701/1000 random freestyles



5 Most Anticipated Anime of Winter 2018

The Fall 2017 season of anime was a thing of beauty. Our senses were set on fire by season two of Shokugeki no Soma. Elias and Chise Swept us off our feet with the first half of their bewitching journey and we even found a Gem in the Sci-Fi action thriller, Inuyashiki. With what the strong lineup last season gave us it would be safe to say that next season has a lot to live up to But the time for the Winter 2018 season of anime has arrived. These five shows promise to make this one for the ages! 

5. Junji Ito: Collection

Junji Ito: Collection begins January 5th

4. A Place Further Than the Universe

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho started January 2nd

3. Kokkoku

Kokkoku will begin streaming January 8th

2.  The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments

Nanatsu no Taizai starts January 6th

1. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden airs in Japan on January 10th.







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