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SoulCaliburVI: Nintendo Switch Version

During the aforementioned interview, Motohiro Okubo was asked about guest characters and when talking about the release date he stated

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E3: Microsoft & Bethesda Takeaways

E3 is officially kicked off and we got to see both Microsoft and Bethesda’s presentations. To be honest EA had a presentation Saturday but other than Anthem there isn’t anything to talk about. As for the Microsoft and Bethesda presentations i have listed my top takeaways below, enjoy. 

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SoulCaliburVI: E3 Announcement! Trunks, Dark Souls guest characters?

I believe in order for SoulCalibur VI to have a successful E3 and thus sell pre-orders, those four things need to be addressed in some way. Answer the communities questions, while keeping some surprises for the actual release. 

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Detroit: Become Human Preview (

Shadow previews Detroit: Become Human for PS4…

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Twitch Streaming

Yo! In case you guys haven’t heard, we’ve been streaming Fortnite live on Twitch! If you’re at all interested in showing up to watch or talk some anime live with either Latt or myself, feel free to come check us…

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