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The masterpiece that is Neon Genesis Evangelion

I have finally watched the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. Is it as good as people say that it is? Is it worth being called a classic?

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Shield Hero, and its fall from grace (Rogue Shogunate exclusive)

In this Rogue Shogunate exclusive review, I will be talking about Shield Hero’s fall from grace and why I came to hate it.

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Joshi Kausei, my first dialogue-free anime

Joshi Kausei, the first dialogue-free anime I have seen recently finished airing. Does it use its dialogue-free in a good way, or is it just another Slice of Life?

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Sarazanmai, and is worth it to connect?

With the Ikuhara directed series Sarazanmai having ended, was it worth the time? Is it just butt jokes and silly dances, or is there something deep about it?

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Why I disliked Nichijou (Rogue Shogunate exclusive)

Is Nichijou, one of the more popular anime comedies, as funny as people say? We’ll see about that.
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