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Inuyashiki Review

Overview Feeling lost, lonely, and unappreciated by his family, 58-year-old Inuyashiki ishiro’s life is at a standstill. After being informed of his terminal cancer, Inuyashiki heads to the park to clear his mind. On this fateful night, Inuyashiki and a mysterious teenager are caught in an extraterrestrial explosion. Upon waking up, Inuyashiki realizes that his body…

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Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Review

Overview: 12 of the most lethal warriors with the names and attributes of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals are pitted against each other in the 12th Zodiac Tournament which takes place every 12 years. During this rendition, each of the 12 warriors is asked to…

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Erased (Netflix Original) Review

This is the post excerpt.

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