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Why My Hero Academia is so Special (exclusive)

My Rogue Shogunate exclusive review on My Hero Academia and why it is such a special show

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Uzumaki… The Best in the Horror Genre

Why Ito Junji’s ‘Uzumaki’ is both a masterpiece and a disappointment

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Little Witch Academia and why Trigger is Paramount

Little Witch Academia and why Trigger studio is the best studio in the anime industry

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FantasyJared’s Anime Corner! Week #2-Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

FantasyJared’s Anime Corner returns with today’s episode, Basilisk! Overrated or outstanding? Only here will we find out!

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An Introduction and Your Name

An introduction from Rogue Shogunate’s newest member and a review of his favorite movie ‘Your Name’

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