Rogue Shogunate is here provide you with a unique and refreshing angle on anime and gaming content, with an emphasis on a more journalistic approach than most. Our team has roots in various fields related to content creation, such as…


New Podcast Every Tuesday! Listen to our Anime Podcast where we discuss what each week has to offer through our unique segments: Anime of the Week: An in depth discussion on which show we collectively think had the single best…

Beginner’s Guide To Anime

The anime community is growing at alarming rate. And with celebrities like Michael B Jordan and Kim K showing their inner Otaku the growth is more evident than ever. We have had ton of people say that they would like to get into…


Ninja Batman Review

Our official review of the Dark Knight’s trip to feudal Japan

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Review

Oh what could’ve been…

Violet Evergarden Review

Rogue Shogunate’s review of the year’s best looking anime

At Night Though?! (Spring 2018 Week 7)

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-z3vpw-91e222   Join us this week as we discuss Escanor’s power, Gearless Joe’s potential comeback, and if Darling in the FranXX can keep up with the Juggernauts of the season. If you have any recommendation or questions you want to…

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1 Million Percent! (Spring 2018 Week 4)

Rogue Shogunate’s discussion on week four of Spring 2018 . Let’s get into it!

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Ichigo Gotta Go (Spring 2018 Week 2)

Join us for the second episode of the Spring 2018 Anime Season. This week we talk about how Ban’s new power has him stealing hearts, why Ichigo is breaking hearts, and we travel back in time for our new Blast from the Past segment where we discuss Cowboy Bebop, Mirrai Nikki, and Princess Jellyfish.

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