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Re:zero -Starting Life in Another World-: An analysis.

A review on the 2016 tv-series Re:zero and a critique on how it handles its themes

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Serial Experiments Lain and the Understanding of the World and Ourselves

Serial Experiments Lain has gotten a very good reputation of being one of the classics of anime. But is it worth it?

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O Maidens in Your Savage Season and the importance of sex

My thoughts on Mari Okada’s latest series O Maidens in Your Savage Season and on the importance of sex.

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The masterpiece that is Neon Genesis Evangelion

I have finally watched the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. Is it as good as people say that it is? Is it worth being called a classic?

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‘My Roommate is a Cat’ and the importance of character arcs

Why ‘My Roommate is a Cat’ excels at character development

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