Rogue Shogunate


‘Are you lost?’ and the technicality of a comedy

My problems I had with the series ‘Are you lost?’ and why I think comedies need to up their games

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Shield Hero, and its fall from grace (Rogue Shogunate exclusive)

In this Rogue Shogunate exclusive review, I will be talking about Shield Hero’s fall from grace and why I came to hate it.

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Isekai Quartet, and its unused potential of a crossover

The popular series Isekai Quartet recently finished, but does it use its premise as good as you would think?

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Joshi Kausei, my first dialogue-free anime

Joshi Kausei, the first dialogue-free anime I have seen recently finished airing. Does it use its dialogue-free in a good way, or is it just another Slice of Life?

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Ao-chan can’t study, my first so bad it’s good anime

Ao-chan is what I would classify as a so-bad-its-good show, and its the first anime I’ve watched in this “genre”. Is it as good as other so-bad-its-good movies/shows?

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