Rogue Shogunate


My Hero Academia season 2 and the Importance of Character Development

Why I think the second season of My Hero Academia elevates the series to one of the best

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My favorite fight in My Hero Academia

An analysis of my favorite fight in My Hero Academia

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Why My Hero Academia is so Special (exclusive)

My Rogue Shogunate exclusive review on My Hero Academia and why it is such a special show

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Official Nominees for the 2018 Anime Awards!

The 2018 Anime Awards will soon be upon us and that means that Crunchyroll has officially dropped the list of nominees for the year in review! 2018 was the biggest year to date for the culture and anime fans all…

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At Night Though?! (Spring 2018 Week 7)

Join us this week as we discuss Escanor’s power, Gearless Joe’s potential comeback, and if Darling in the FranXX can keep up with the Juggernauts of the season.   If you have any recommendation or questions you want to be…

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