Rogue Shogunate


Official Aggretsuko Season 2 Trailer (dub)

The trailer for Aggretsuko season 2 is officially here and it’s FIRE!

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Survivability in Anime Universes | Show & Tell Reviews

The squad decides their fate in different anime universes and gets around to thier long awaited Show & Tell reviews

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Favorite Female Charcaters | Anime Jeopardy!

The Squad discusses their favorite female charcaters of all time and tests their anime knowledge with a game of RS Jeopardy!

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Show & Tell! | Greatest Training Episode?

Matty, dinopillow, Latt, and Ashtastic reveal their new segment ‘Show & Tell’ and choose which shows they will be watching

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Spring 2019 Preview

Join us as we dive into what shows are over hyped and underappreciated as the Spring anime season begins.

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