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Jojo part 3 season 2 quickie

Jojos bizarre adventure has always been a pretty fun series, but was the second season of part 3 as good as season 1 or did it lose it’s greatness?

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Jojo part 3 season 1 quickie

I finally watched jojo part 3 after not really liking the first two parts. Was what what I wanted, or am I just not a fan of jojo

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Carole and Tuesday Quickie

Today I’ll be reviewing Watanabe’s latest show Carole and Tuesday. Is it as good as his other shows or has he gotten worse over time?

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Hensuki: The Biggest Clusterfuck of the Year

My thoughts on the series Hensuki and it’s many many MANY problems

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‘How many Dumbbells can you lift?’ quickie

Doga Kobo’s next show ‘How heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift?’ is my next subject. Is it any good or did I dislike it as much as I have the other recent Doga Kobo shows?

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