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Ao-chan can’t study, my first so bad it’s good anime

Ao-chan is what I would classify as a so-bad-its-good show, and its the first anime I’ve watched in this “genre”. Is it as good as other so-bad-its-good movies/shows?

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Sarazanmai, and is worth it to connect?

With the Ikuhara directed series Sarazanmai having ended, was it worth the time? Is it just butt jokes and silly dances, or is there something deep about it?

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Villains | Reboot Candidates

The squad reveals our favorite villains and discusses what shows need a reboot.

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Favorite Duos | One Punch is Back!

dinopillow, Latt, and Ashtastic list our favorite duos in anime.

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Spring 2019 Preview

Join us as we dive into what shows are over hyped and underappreciated as the Spring anime season begins.

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